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Bluskyjoy Home Goods

Bluskyjoy Home Goods is a online shop that provides wide range of Home Furnitures and Assesories.

Date31 October, 2022Share


The Challenge

The goal of Bluskyjoy Home Goods’ collaboration with Xendek was to develop a new brand identity and website that would effectively market their service of providing customers with a large selection of home furnishings and other accessories. As part of the website’s visual overhaul, Xendek must create a potent search marketing campaign to demonstrate Bluskyjoy Home Goods’ pride in themselves for providing clients with the most modern home appliances and equipment options.


The plan

Create a logo for the Bluskyjoy Home Goods that shows website’s modernism. Make a online shopping website¬†that showcases the Bluskyjoy Home Goods’s extensive selection of living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and kitchen equipment. Adding a few more content pages to Bluskyjoy Home Goods will enable it to expand its services and provide more up-to-date, pocket-friendly indulgences for your home. Everything you need to complete the aesthetic of your area, from luxury furnishings and stylish artwork to elegant dinnerware and glassware.

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