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Winners Healthcare Staffing LLC

A staffing agency called Winners Healthcare Staffing LLC provides healthcare facilities with staffing solutions.

Date19 October, 2022Share


The Challenge

Xendek was hired by Winners Healthcare Staffing LLC to create a new branding identity and website that would properly promote their service of providing healthcare facilities with staffing solutions. As a part of the update to the website’s aesthetics, Xendek needs to devise a powerful search marketing campaign to convey Winners Healthcare Staffing LLC’s aim of providing qualified healthcare professionals to healthcare organizations.


The plan

Design a logo for the new brand name that reflects the modernization of Winners Healthcare Staffing LLC. Create an informative website for Winners Healthcare Staffing LLC that informs people about their commitment to providing them with high-quality health care professionals who have been properly trained and equipped. Adding some additional content pages to the website so that it can expand its services and enhance the job search experience for Healthcare professionals.

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