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The Bridal Henna

The bridal henna provides a range of makeup and henna services for events including weddings and parties.

Date31 October, 2022Share


The Challenge

The bridal henna got in touch with xendek to make an informative website for their company that would enlighten customers about the different henna services they provide for henna occasions like weddings and celebrations. In order to communicate The Bridal Henna’s goal of offering Henna as well as beauty services to its informed clients, Xendek must create a potent search marketing campaign as part of the upgrade to the website’s aesthetics.


The plan

Create a logo for the bridal henna name that illustrates how bridal henna has evolved. Make a website that explains their henna & makeup services to customers of all ages. expanding the website’s services and improving its ability to serve particular towns and communities of people by adding a few extra content pages.

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