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Schwanz Custom Homes LLC

Schwanz Custom Homes LLC

Schwanz Custom Homes LLC is a custom home builders in central wisconsin who excels in precision & efficiency.

Date03 November, 2022Share


The Challenge

The cooperation between Schwanz Unique Homes LLC and Xendek was intended to create a new brand identity and website that would successfully sell their service of assisting clients in building custom homes in accordance with their preferences. In order to show Schwanz Custom Homes LLC’s pride in themselves for assisting clients with designing customised homes to make their customers’ life easier, Xendek needs develop a strong search marketing strategy as part of the website’s visual redesign.


The plan

Design a logo for Schwanz Custom Homes LLC that reflects the modernism of the website. Create a useful website that highlights the wide range of services offered by Schwanz Custom Homes LLC, including new house building, kitchen cabinets and countertops, roofing and siding, decks, garages, and other things. Schwanz Custom Homes LLC will be able to broaden its offerings and offer more current information about their services and previous work if it adds a few additional content pages. Additionally, a section with frequently asked questions should be included to help clients with any questions they may have regarding the building of their home.

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