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Bare Wood Fine Finishing LLC

Bare Wood Fine Finishing LLC is an established wood finishing service In Durango, who offers excellent craftsmanship for architectural wood restoration projects .

Date30 November, 2022Share


The Challenge

In order to successfully market their service of helping clients restore the beauty and functionality of any architectural wood surfaces and accents in their building, regardless of the size of the facility or the scope of the project, Bare Wood Fine Finishing LLC collaborated with Xendek to develop a new brand identity and website. As part of the aesthetic design of the website, Xendek must create a solid search marketing strategy.


The plan

Make a helpful website that showcases the extensive range of services provided by Bare Wood Fine Finishing LLC, including interior and exterior painting, wood finishing, deck refinishing, residential and business painting, among other things. If we adds a few more content pages to Bare Wood Fine Finishing LLC , it will be able to expand its offerings and provide more up-to-date details about their services and prior work.

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