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Empower Your Life Today with Rose Marie Young and Associates

Date13 February, 2023Share


The Challenge

Trauma Life Coach Rose Marie Young got in touch with Xendekweb to create a new brand identity and website that would effectively promote their goal of assisting people in moving through and overcoming negative emotions brought on by past traumatic experiences that are holding them back, so they can enjoy and love the life they want without feeling overwhelmed, anxious, ashamed, or guilty. To communicate its mission of assisting its clients in gaining clarity, developing a plan, and setting and achieving realistic and achievable goals, Xendekweb needs to develop a strong search marketing strategy as part of the website’s visual redesign.


The plan

Design a logo for the distinctive company name that reflects the modernization of the Rose Marie Young and Affiliates Empowerment & Trauma Life Coaching website. Create a website that explains how trauma coaches and their colleagues guide their clients on journeys to bring solutions and positivity into their life, embrace change, and realize their full potential.

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