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Marzianne is a modern website that gives consumers information about their delicious, tasty PIZZA, MILKTEA, ICECREAM, and SMOOTHIE

Date02 February, 2023Share


The Challenge

Marzianne came to Xendekweb by aiming to design a new brand identity in order to connect with their target audiences so they can serve their customers food items like PIZZA, MILKTEA, ICECREAM, SMOOTHIE so that they can experience a variety of food tastes. Xendekweb needed to implement a strong search marketing campaign to further promote the brand’s digital visibility.


The plan

Create a logo & a modern, informative website that tells their target audience about their yummy and delicious food. To let people know more about High-Quality wholesome PIZZA, MILKTEA, ICECREAM, and SMOOTHIE by Marzianne, more pages need to be devoted to that on the website.

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