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Rivenbark Lawncare

Rivenbark Lawncare is a professional lawn care business that provides expert yard upkeep services, such as mowing and weeding.

Date30 January, 2022Share


The Challenge

Rivenbark Lawncare Company wanted a website from Xendek in order to build their business’s new brand identity. The Rivenbark Lawncare Company offers a variety of services to help its customers maintain their lawns and gardens. Therefore, Xendek must develop an elegant and appealing website to inform their customers about their lawncare and maintenance services.


The plan

A logo must be made in order to establish the new brand identification of Rivenbark Lawncare Company. Additionally, create a helpful website that showcases all of the services they offer, like mowing, trimming, weedeating, flower beds, edging, weed spraying, etc., to meet the needs of all of their clients’ gardening requirements.

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