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Jeca Resources & Services

Jeca Resources & Services

A company called Jeca Resources & Services offers insurance services to residents of Florida’s Tampa Bay region and other areas.

Date09 January, 2022Share


The Challenge

In order to inform its clients about the numerous types of insurance services they offer to the Tampa Bay region and the larger Florida community, an insurance firm, Jeca Resources & Services, came to Xendek for help in creating an informational website. For Xendek to improve the brand’s internet presence, a potent research marketing effort was required.


The plan

Make an informative website that highlights the variety of services provided by Jeca Resources & Services, such as auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, home insurance, business insurance, etc. Similarly, make additional pages to inform customers of their additional services, such as Report a Claim, Policy Review, Proof of Insurance, Free Consultation, and other tax services.

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