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Earth Culture Roots

Earth Culture Roots is an online store with a wide range of clothing, bags, dresses, pants, shirts, jackets, accessories, hats, and body products.

Date08 March 2022Share


The Challenge

As a customer of Xendekweb, Earth Culture Roots wanted a new brand identity in order to reach their target audiences with their various products, such as clothing, bags, dresses, pants, shirts, jackets, and accessories, hats, and body products, and to provide more information about cultural events, reggae shows, and other inspiring things. Xendekweb had needed to implement a strong search marketing campaign to further promote the brand’s digital visibility.


The plan

Design a modern, informative website that tells their target audience about their goal of reaching as many people as possible with important information relevant to the movement toward upliftment, oneness, and love for all.

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